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VTAM and TSO with MVS 3.8J

Actually, getting VTAM and TSO to work with your freshly generated MVS 3.8 system is not too difficult at all. You have, of course, include VTAM, TIOC etc in your sysgen? If not, here are the FMIDs that need to be included:

Everything is ready to go? Well, have you defined a few 3277 terminals in your sysgen? the relevant part in my stage1 looks like this:
LCL0C0   IODEVICE                                                      +
               ADDRESS=(0C0,8),                                        +
               UNIT=3277,                                              +
               MODEL=2,                                                +
Talking about sysgen. Have you specified VTAM and IND in the DATAMGT macro like this:
OPTAM DATAMGT  ACSMETH=(BTAM,              Basic Telecommunications AM +
               VTAM,                       Virtual Telecommunications  +
               ISAM),                      Indexed Sequential          +
               IND=YES,                    Industry Subsystems         +
               TABLE=ALL,                  All character tbls for 3800 +
               UCSDFLT=ALL                 Use default UCS
and also, did you specify SYS1.VTAMLIB and SYS1.INDMAC in IEAAPF00? You can do it yourself, or you can Sysgen have it done for you via
CTLPG CTRLPROG ACRCODE=NO,    (Yes for MP) Alternate Processor Recovery+
               APFLIB=(SYS1.VTAMLIB,MVSRES,  required for VTAM         +
               SYS1.INDMAC,MVSRES),        required for IND=YES        +
               ASCII=EXCLUDE,              We don't wont ASCII support +
               CSA=2048,                   100K for CSA, please        +
               OPTIONS=(BLDL,              Make BLDL in real storage   +
               DEVSTAT,                    make non-ready devs offline +
               RER),                       allow reduced err recov.    +
               REAL=128,                   May size for V=R region     +
               SQA=3,                      Increase SQA by 3 seqments  +
               STORAGE=0,                  Find real storage amount    +
               TZ=(E,1),                   One hour east of GMT        +
               WARN=0                      No Power warning feature

Yes, the CSA should be at least 2M, or you get Abend80A when starting NET and or JES2 Now you are ready to roll:

  1. Download the archive bldnet and unzip it
  2. modify the job bldnet. I use MVSRES as the name of the sysres volume, and addresses 0C0 to 0C7 for my local 3270 terminals. Terminals at 0C0, 0C1, and 0C2 are defined as initially active, the others are inactive
  3. On the MVS console, enter
    to assemble the LOGON INTERPRET TABLE
  4. On the MVS console, enter
    to assemble the LOGMODE TABLE. Note, this table is not needed right now, but may be useful later,
  5. On the MVS console, enter
    S NET
    to start VTAM
  6. On the MVS console, enter
    S TSO
    to start TSO
  7. On your local terminals you should now see a message telling you that this terminal is connected to the network solicitor. Enter the text
    and you will be logged on to TSO


If you need some help for the VTAM commands, there is a cheat sheet available

Enjoy your private hercules mainframe

© Volker Bandke