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The S/390 Application Developers CD is a special packaging of S/390 Software for the exclusive use of product development and support. It is restricted for use by qualified PartnerWorld for Developers members on S/390 development systems that were purchased through our program, or through approved IBM Business Partners that are fully authorized to sell the FLEX-ES emulator from Fundamental Software, Inc.. The S/390 ADCD SW stack is licensed to the specific system by machine type/model serial number and cannot be transferred to any other machine. Use of the S/390 ADCD SW on any other system or SW emulator is strictly prohibited and is in violation of the terms and conditions of the loan agreement.

OS/390 on your PC - It Can Be Done

Well, the following articles might not be terribly interesting for you, as you would need a license for OS/390 to try out what is described in them. And a license for OS/390 is not that easy to obtain (unless, of course, you buy an IBM mainframe and pay the monthly fees for OS/390 that would than be your obulus to help the poor old suffering lady IBM...),

If you do have a license, though, you might think about using hercules for desaster recovery scenario, and the useage for planning and setting up a desaster recovery system might perfectly be legal

I plan to keep this list growing, but, of course, I cannot give more than 125% of my time to the hercules project, and would invite you to collaborate...

The articles available so far are

Sorry, no more articles. If you want to see more, why don't you contribute one??

Enjoy your private hercules mainframe

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