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Installation for Linux

Software requirements

Hercules should run on about every Linux platform, after all, it was developed for Linux. But, of course, I do not have all Linux systems available to me, and therefore can only confirm that it will run on

Besides a supported operating system you will also need the following Software

Running setup

The Syntax of the setup script is quite simple:
>>--- setup ---+--------------+--------------+----------------+--------->
               |              |              |                |
               +----- -d -----+              +------ -n ------+

                use debug mode                use No-ANSI mode

               |              |              |                |
               +----- -a -----+              +------ -s ------+

                automatic mode                simple setup
                use defaults                  use alternate defaults

               |              |
               +-- -t dir ----+

                target directory

Installation is quite straight forward. Insert the CD-Rom into a CD-Rom drive on your machine, change to that drive, and enter the command

The installation scripts use ANSI control sequences for fancy colors etc. If you don't like this feature, you can turn it off by invoking setup like this:
./setup -n
The installation script will start now, and you will have to reply to a few questions now:

You can automate some of the processing by using additional options:

./setup -a

will use all the defaults and will only ask you one simple question before installing.

./setup -t dirname

will use dirname as the target directory instead of prompting you for it.

./setup -s
will select a different set of defaults which may or may not be more to your taste. It provides a somewhat simpler layout (thus the flag -s). The same setup can also be selected from the installation menu option 2.

 Default setupSimple setup
Printer 1StartedDrained
Printer 2StartedDrained
Punch 1 StartedDrained
Reader 1 StartedDrained
3277 Master Consoles21
3215 Master Consoles10
Socket readerYesNo
Autostart MF1YesNo

If you prefer a different scheme, you may want to try the setterm script which allows to change some of the values above

Of course, all these options can be combined, like in

setup -ast C:\mvs38j

Which will use the simple setup and will automatically install it into the target directory c:\mvs38j

If no options were presented, you will be asked a sequence of questions:

Which screen you will see depends if you are logged on as superuser, or not. You need to run setup as root when you want to install the hercules software and supporting programs. See Installing Hercules & support Programs for more info. For the moment we assume that Hercules etc is installed, and we are logged on as a standard user to Linux.

installation of the MVS system can be done under a normal user id. You only need to install Hercules etc once on your machine.

 MVS 3.8J System Installation/Generation

     1. Install MVS Turnkey system - standard setup               Debug: off
     2. Install MVS Starter system - simple setup                 ANSI: on
     3. Install MVS Starter system and SYSGEN files
     x. Exit

Your choice ===>

Choosing option 1 will install a ready-to-run MVS 3.8 system, option 2 will install the simpler ready-to-run MVS 3.8 system, and option 3 will install a starter system and will give you the chance to do a full MVS system generation.

Choose your installation path now: