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PTFLIST - List of not installed PTFs

A few PTFs have not been installed, as they introduce possible problems. PTF UY49086 is known to break TGET and TPU services, and no fix is available. Others refer to a SYSGEN symbol called &SGDTCAM, which unfortunately is not provided by any of the PTFs available for us. Here are the excluded PTFs

UY06435References &SGDTCAM 
UY15877References &SGDTCAM 
UY28057References &SGDTCAM 
is PRE ofUY30714 
UY33687References &SGDTCAM 
is PRE ofUY37520 
is PRE ofUY38888 
UY49086breaks SVC 93 
is PRE ofUW06722 
is PRE ofUW36560 
is PRE ofUY51364 
 is PRE ofUW00219
is PRE ofUY88772 
UZ78722Not required