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FMIDLIST - List of installed USERMODs

The following User modifications (aka USERMODS) have been installed (=APPLIED) into the MVS Tur(n)key system:

FMID Description
M026200Support for 3375/3380/3390 DASD
M026302Support for 3375/3380/3390 DASD
M026305Support for 3375/3380/3390 DASD
M026404Support for 3375/3380/3390 DASD
M026405Support for 3375/3380/3390 DASD
M026408Support for 3375/3380/3390 DASD
ZP60003Allow blank lines in IFOX00 assembler source
ZP60004Add Highlighting to MVS Console
ZP60006Print SIO counts on dataset disposition messages
ZUM0001TSO Authorization Table
ZUM0003WTO Exit IEECVXIT for Autopilot
ZUM0004Add CMD1 to Subsystem name table for # command subsystem
ZUM0005Remove JES2 from MSTRJCL
ZUM0006Add BSP1 to Subsystem name table for autopilot