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MVS Tur(n)key System # 3 - A New MVS 3.8J Distribution

Reported Bugs

For a list of bugs that have been reported so far (and hopefully fixed as well) see the bug report


There is a new MVS 3.8J distribution available for the Hercules world. Why would you want to have such a beast? Well, for one, this distribution builds a useable system, in other words, there will be lots of spool and page space, the CBT PDS datasets available as cataloged PDS files on 3350 disks, the MVS source code, 1500 or more PTFs installed, a few TSO command processors, an Automatic Operator, RPF, etc. etc. etc. p.p.

In addition to the DASD images that the "classical" MVS 3.8J supported this Tur(n)key system now also supports 3380 and 3390 DASD images, which allows you to use the modern CBT xmit files (which may contain load libraries that are blocked for 3380 or 3390 DASD devices).

A second reason would be: This distribution is a turnkey system. You insert the CDROM, run setup, answer a few questions, and you have a fully functional MVS 3.8J system on your hard disk. There is even an automatic mode, which only asks you one question altogether. Installation is usually a matter of a few minutes.

The Tur(n)key system runs equally well on Linux as on Windows platforms. It comes complete with Hercules 2.16.5, and a text mode 3270 emulator. All the required Cygwin 1.3.10 modules for the Windows environment are included on the CD as well

You can take a look at the documentation for the Tur(n)key at The Tur(n)key System New User's Cookbook.

How can you get this CD-ROM? Just click here to get more information

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Enjoy your private hercules mainframe

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