Turnkey MVS

The MVS Tur(n)key System, Version 3 and beyond


The MVS Tur(n)key system is a package of freely available parts of the MVS 3.8J Operating System. The Tur(n)key System does not (to the best of my knowledge) contain any copyrighted or licenced software by IBM or any other company. Especially, the MVS 3.8 Operating System is not OS/390, nor z/OS, or any other such thing. The provided hardware emulator (Hercules) may perfectly run these operating systems, but you would need to obtain them, and a licence, yourself.

Also keep in mind, please, that CICS, RACF, DB2, ISPF etc are all licenced program products and as such are not available in the Turnkey distribution

Finally, a new version of the MVS Tur(n)key system is available. It is a vast improvement on version 2 (if I may say so, but, of course, I am somewhat biased). Just take a look around:

  1. The MVS Tur(n)key System # 3 Introduction
  2. MVS Tur(n)key System FAQ
  3. MVS Tur(n)key System Error Reports and Fixes
  4. MVS Tur(n)key New User's Cookbook
  5. Late incoming: JES3 installation related material
  6. Tur(n)key # 4: Wish- and Suggestion list
  7. The Assembler Boot Camp

Enjoy your private hercules mainframe

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