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Hercules - Mainframe on a PC | The MVS Turnkey System

You are visiting a copy of the defunct website about the Hercules Emulator, and the IBM OS MVS 3.8j. I was reaching out by telephone to Volker Bandke in July 2020 to ask for permission and he called back. He's happy with me preserving the knowlede and content he created.

The content has been altered slightly to remove or update defunct links, and remove any reference to dynamic content, like generated from scripts in /cgi-bin. Also, I removed content appearing personal, like photos from actual people. Besides that, the content is mostly dated. This is not a big deal regarding MVS but instructions for Windows and Linux are most likely no longer applicable.

You can reach me by email, or have a look at my main website.

The MVS 3.8J Tur(n)key System

Hercules - A Mainframe on your PC

© Volker Bandke